How Poland could engage in revenge in Morocco

My suggestions are following. Our military forces need to gain new war experiences. And to accomplish some goals and complete missions of this kind could serve as a good preparation to any further conflicts.

  1. All tourists from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe should be immediately advised to leave Morocco as soon as possible due to the risk of military operations and deterioration of diplomatic relationships with this country.
  2. All workers of embassies of these countries should be advised to regard relocation to different country or given sufficient help and support from military attachées to embassies and intelligence from Western countries actively operating on in that area.
  3. We need to regard potential alliances and make decisions possibly collectively with countries involved. However Denmark and Sweden are under experience of shock and it should not stop allies from immediate responses and reactions to what happened in December as a symbolical destruction of diplomatic relationships of Morocco with the Western part of the world. Time for discussions, explanations ended. It’s high time to show our razor weapons that can effectively operate from the air. We should not hear explanations after what happened and regard only the best revenge suitable for that situation.
  4. We need to consult with Spain an agreement for temporary use of Spanish military airport for purposes of mission of Polish air force.
  5. We need to select a few strategic targets to precisely bomb and a few tactic alternative goals to achieve. Morocco may defend their airspace and land and we need to disperse our goals into a few attainable in a very short time.
  6. I propose to use Mig-29 aircraft due to maneuverability and well tested weapons in previous conflicts. These aircraft are well prepared and tested and need to be engaged in service, active all the time because otherwise are only the cost for Polish tax payers. Good aircraft should be in service all the time. Should be engaged as often as possible to generate reasons to maintain infrastructure, order new parts, do service jobs – otherwise whole set of those type of aircraft is regarded as not necessary and we had 2 accidents between December 2017 and June 2018 due to lack of right engagement of politics, management in military and whole staff. This is the matter of morale and only active engagement in conflict resolutions may help to maintain whole set of them in the best shape possible. And this is also another reason why Poland should engage in bombing a few targets in Morocco right now. Some of targets should be in mountains area and some in the suburbs where perpetrators came from.
  7. This is a very good fighter jet able to drops bombs too. Has very good performances in missions with really short timing. We need to use airports possibly the closest to the target so we need to consider Spain and areas from Malaga to the south.
  8. It is necessary to create whole supply base, and locate radio operators to control air operations from the earth.
  9. Military counter-intelligence services should take part in it to.