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Resources on electronics basic ideas

I recommend many Android apps with endless tutorials. Hard to say where they are initially inspired. Some are good. But in fundamentals really still not too many tutorials can compete with the most thorough books for fundamentals sometimes written even in 70s. Minds of people who were professionals even 50 years ago are hard to compete with still! And please mind this, remember about this that great minds are not born in every decade, every generation. Some minds like of Einstein are born once a century in a specific field. And we too often overestimate intellectual capacity of our present scholars. Intelligent people need to develop critical thinking first. The earlier they do the farther they will go on their own feet.

To become a mature and critical thinker in some field of knowledge. You need to accept that not all people who shine today, who expect to respect them as the most professional deserve to be regarded this way. There were too many eras, generations in almost all topics we can concentrate on so far. And no one from the present deserves the title, attention, respect of someone who could outshine someone who was before them. Those who do this, sometimes do this asap due to their weak character and need for admiration are the worst people in this world to fear them and avoid them. I encountered such in every discipline I studied. In psychology, in finance, banking, economics. I suspect also a few in fields like physics because physics is more fundamental than eg. theory of electric circuits that is just an extension. An engineering extension of all what is known from math and physics to implement these ideas in engineering. This is only how much of specific imagination you have to devote to that field. It is not how much of fundamental ideas you can understand. I hate universities and always tell them fuck off. I wanted two diplomas. I got them. And now all of them can simply fuck off. I do not want anything anymore from them than just to fuck off.

This video beautifully remarks all what I wanted to say about ignorant people in some aspects about them. And this is a good accent to put at the end of this short introduction. Many academics would crave such ideas to show to their students only to impress. Whereas there is really far much more to study to really know how it goes. Sometimes even not how it works that once you get into some fundamentals and have a mind to investigate how it really is you fast forget that you needed to impress anyone. Really it is necessary since you know what you want to know more, better. If you have such a field that engage you so much that you lose your need to impress others you are saved. You found something that people call it sometimes a purpose. Stick to it to recharge your batteries for free.