Captuered on 10.01.2019 with forver camera integrated with mask

Jente, I miss you.

I ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ you 💛


Movement at full-thrust


It is always a very good idea to move to the deepest point the fastest. To use ladders, hand rails, any parts you can grasp is always the best idea when you really want to descent fast. I get also the habit to simultaneously equalize ear pressure regularly.

Especially in winter or after some break, also water in a swimming pool is not the best for our body, immune system, can cause allergies, inflammatory states. I need to go to a swimming pool sometimes. But I avoid it too often or in winter or during bad weather in order to avoid many factors to overlap to make me prone to get ill easily. Any factors like bacteria, changing temperature, cool air can cause problems with ear and sinuses.

When you are a diver it is a good idea to do whatever, even least, minimal exercises, actions are better than none to maintain some latent procedural memory about basic skills and attitude during whole year. Because it is also the body that learns everything – how to handle hypothermia, how to handle pressure, breath-holding is also a condition we need to give our body some training in terms of basic reactions, responses of physiological kind. Everything can be conditioned, taught, trained. Also the autogenous kind. Like self-suggestion, self-hypnosis etc. It is very well known and eg. in India people practice it as a rule. In Western countries we are taught to go to a specialist with every single shit. We are manipulated and deceived to treat our body like strangers to ask other people for answers we can in the reality only find when listen carefully to our bodies. No doctor will replace you in what you can only sense on your own. And an experience of water, contact with it is kind of rebirth experience, kind of reset of some attitudes, and as immune system is also well conditioned during many conditioning experiences – the best examples are allergies and autoimmune disease that are conditioned or of internal triggers, factors of psychological kind. So any way for recovering ourselves as our very center of our own sensations, perceptions is also a way to re-establish some reborn attitude of immune system. Because it is easily conditioned system like many in our body. For example I tell many people I feel trapped, feel differently – they reply – buy a new car, find a job, read about medicine what we write because you are wrong and we are right, do not concentrate on yourself.  External aggression, pressure and cruelty is in my opinion as a psychologist a reason why we develop our internal monologue. Aggressive can be partners, policemen, teachers, parents, lawyers, institutions, politicians etc. We need to have internal life as otherwise our personal very existence would be discontinued by such institutions. In communism it has been achieved almost perfectly. We need to develop our internal emotional and intellectual life to survive as individuals. With simply different sets of everything like in Western world it was always this way. In former communism countries like Poland a bit different. And people are still confused all the time – even professors of psychology. Not to mention politicians or CBA or ABW institutions that their internal fire is always a force, rape, some must imposed on them by regulations, procedures and other things that those dogs love the most! They are manipulated and participate in a treadmill. They will die from cancer one day probably if continue to think according to what are allowed or not allowed to and in terms of always some norms, standards and other prejudices that make them think this or that way. People who are screwed to think or see through the lens of others – like public figures, actors, celebs and other unlucky people, often even scientists they lack some basic center in their own body. Their thoughts always fluctuate around others or too abstract ideas to concentrate on themselves. Psychologists the opposite. They will always recognize what particularly you have problem with. And this is why I am a psychologist. Why I decided to concentrate on psychology, study it even if so many who taught me this trade are totally not able to concentrate on themselves, are philosophers, perverts but lack basic self-cognition. But generally psychology, exclusively clinical psychology is the field where we try to find ourselves. The very fundamental ways we can feel, sense, see ourselves through our own variables, channels, abilities to perceive the world and how we get in contact with what basically from our body starting surrounds us. Psychologists, artists, musicians, fine arts artist like painters, photographers are more shaped by what comes to their perception directly. Some have some basic disinhibitions or overly represented activity of right hemisphere. But lack of cognitive organization and extensive perception is just a very good way to see things the way they really are. And good to read that psychologists often fuck up such people with such basic attitude to the world.

As you can read it will be also categorized etc. Because culture in general is a form of rape. Is a strong force to condition too much in people. Not letting individuality flourish own way. To extend, grow own unique branches that embrace things a very own way. Water is a good environment that you can experience freedom of choice the way of contact with nature. But you will always find swimmers who want to do routine distances, schematic people. Everywhere are people oriented on an order. Even if they do not understand it they will always tend to organize everything. The worst are politicians as they pretend, tend to organize realities of other people trying to appear as more valuable, more insightful and knowledgeable than others. To force other people to give up their own responsibility for themselves and give such rapists rights to dispose with their resources like just their lives, time, energy, how they spend their days etc. In communism in Poland the legal authority also decided how you spend also night there was a police hour (pol. godzina policyjna) that many policemen today miss that times… Oh yeah! No one has right to decide about it and you will find many people around you who will see things so differently that if you are just born and grew as a free person. Value this. Because not all the people see and feel this way. Many people in Poland still believe are not allowed many things that are ordinary things to survive for people who were born in Western countries. I do not want for example a Polish girlfriend because they are raped just after they were born. They believe that their duties to the state are more important than intimate relationships. Often Polish girls believe they must report anything strange or what they cannot understand to other girls, to talk at your back or report to even institutions some particularities about you. Not something of the kind that are abused or whatever of this kind. They may feel everything they just do not understand like every eccentric behavior they will treat like illegal because in communism eccentric behavior was illegal in fact. And even clinical psychology is even in Western country kind of communist code, ethos, because also categorize people according to norms, standards, codes of conduct as if we were in fact normalized (the most funny belief of zealous clinical psychologists!). I studied clinical psychology to understand psychological conditions that cause suffering but many girls as they were mostly girls were never interestend in suffering. They were interested for example in any instances of conduct or misconduct of people to categorize them as normal or pathological. This is insane to study field of science that can help you to understand people and make the only use of it to be more Nazi person who tries to organize their beliefs according to even more strict code that is many times unfair, abusive, imposing some grid on people who sometimes even emotionally would vomit from that grid. Because people are different. Some are really tough or depressed, some are competitive neurotic people, some are schizotypic people who will always see the world upside-down. And I graduated to understand them better and to realize the best way to find myself even when feel forced, turned, corrected by Polish Nazis all the time.

From a small town where I was born most people who remembered me or think that related to me try to correct me through liking something. They believe that will correct me. And they feel pressure to correct me because otherwise they would have to admit that are forced by someone else, that cannot find themselves and resist external pressure. They chose to exert pressure on me instead of thinking what is wrong with them. They are funny and I laughed in my life the most thinking about people from Ryki  who are just miserable. They are best examples of collective thinking, collective culture with no-ego, no-self, no individualism. When you remark to them they fuck to you – they will try to draw your attention that maybe you are short in money and this is why you direct to them and report them hostile behavior. Polish ex-communists never see many anti-individualistic behaviors as hostile because they believe everybody needs to be standardized and corrected for being out of the grid – and grids are different, I think almost 10 years ago Facebook replaced any other known social grids from what we known earlier as social classes. Now we have no social classes. We have one Royal Family in Windsor and billions of shits who have to be suggested to piss and shit or buy a new car via Facebook.

Are generally fucked up by governments from past and their suggestions etc. that will never figure out what is wrong. When they find a man they first ask – where do you work? And if you have no job they will accuse immediately that man to be a criminal person like it was in communism where everyone had an obligation to be employed. And could not afford to not to work. Not because they needed money for living but because it was a legal rule that everybody has to work. And people are fucked up. They often earn less than could find any resources not wasting time when going to poorly paid job. They feel they must do poorly paid job because otherwise they will be persecuted by authorities. And it is somehow true. Today authority like in communism is reborn. And politicians on one hand like telling jokes about fighting with communism and on the other hand what they expect and try people force to is another version of communism!  People from Morocco who kill other people are driven also by some cultural rules. And prejudices. Are slaves to their primitive beliefs forced on them too. And culture can be constructive force as well as destructive like such you can encounter in Morocco. Never travel to Morocco.

Yesterday I have spent up to 40 minutes with changing clothes etc. After that I was in cinema on Aquaman but no matter that I paid for it 170 Kc I walked aways after 1h 15 minutes being bored. I am sorry Hollywood. The reality is more interesting than your models of heroism and fight of good and evil forces. This is just another variation of communism when you draw attention of masses to who is good and who is bad. And who is strong, who is weak etc. You have no idea what is right and wrong. Your ideals and societal goals engrossed you because were from too high order. Movies should have no mission of these kind. I like the most documentary movies. Do not try to impose any center. Every person has different sensitivity and to know what is right and what is wrong is a talent connected to individual sensitivity. Something impossible to teach and get over it!