From 2nd of February 2019

Moroccan slaughter

I understand that maybe it was shockingly unusual for many people in Morocco but what I only want repeatedly is to assure you as a nation and as a country that whole Morocco will be paying for what happened. What I am asking honestly now is to judge the perpetrators. Of course with evidence and arguments. But when you have proofs, do not wait and let this issue being politically used. Many people suffer like me from what happened to those girls. And I want to assure you that by protecting those criminals you decrease the value of your whole country and the society. Not only as a secure economically environment to outsource some production, lower its costs. There are many countries in the world with labor-force that are thousands of times more welcome than the country like yours. The key issue you are fighting for now is your future as an environment driven by any values or not at all. And the lawsuit of those criminals will be the best proof for your true intentions and values. I do not care Muslim or other. Now whole world will be watching if you have them at all. If there is one standard and one set of values for everyone. Or you feel secretly satisfied of these deaths as an unintentional manifestation of the power of your secret cruelty that builds your reputation among other Arabic countries. I promise you that whole world will be watching this show. And I use this term as I realized you add some extra marketing and suspense to this horrible murder, that as Moroccans you also find fun of it. You play with feelings of many people whose hearts are bleeding after what has happened. And now it is your victory, of the cruelty built-in your country. But I promise that one day we can have also a political interest in destroying your world. We need just more arguments. We have also haunted religious common saying. In Poland it is an old saying „Bóg nie rychliwy, ale sprawiedliwy”. And if you were devoid of morality in this brutal murder as a society. I promise you, whole world will realize this. And you will pay for this one day. It may be an argument against you, your culture. Is it comfortable to be denied as a culture by the whole world more than 7 billion of people? Isn’t it time to start to feel sorry and shameful that such a horrible incident happened in fact in this country and not another one? Do you really believe that it is just an accident? Pure randomness? I do not believe to my last nerve. I can feel you satisfaction as a society. And one day I will prove that I was right. I sensed you good. Even if world judged things with sentiment and favor bias to give you a chance to be good. If I feel that the issue is nasty from cultural point of view. I promise I will finish your culture. I will prove that the world does not deserve to enter another decade as the overcrowded environment that we are accompanied by the culture of murderers, by religiously bigoted and revengeful people whose thinking is blurred and obscure. Whose thinking is poisoned by the search for disgusting, immoral revenge-driven satisfaction. To feel entitled and better as Muslims, Moroccan or whatever. What happened is a cultural probation of your very foundations. And what you will do with murderers will be the best proof for your sensitivity as humans. Many people in Europe, in America too – whose representatives like bloggers, YouTubers give the best proof for their interest in this issue whose hearts are bleeding, expect satisfaction. Even if they do not admit it. And they just process more regrets now than sober thinking that is necessary to judge what happened correctly. I speak today for those who cannot speak due to grief. And I expect the most cruel justice in this case. Like eye for eye. Head for head.