This is a bit sick in terms of risk. Because we are still not sure about if dolphins have personalities the way we maintain some limits, norms we learn etc. Dolphins also bite and can be unpredictable. Are very playful and joyful and do not share our sense of limits of many forms of activity. I would never make equal expectations to what responses we can meet from humans and from dolphins. A term „wild” makes sometimes deep sense. Also about people. But about other species we finally understand to some degree but generally, honestly still don’t. I recommend to read what Jacques Mayol wrote about our relationships with dolphins. What is possible. He learned more about them when eg. Clown invited him to her quest and accepted him unconditionally, but first he had to accept that water is her element and if he wants to relate to her he need to learn how to hold breath to almost 3 minutes, how to spend much time underwater and move as a fast as her. How to achieve relaxation like dolphins achieve. Their brain waves may be also of different pattern and to synchronize emotionally with such interactive animal it is not just a piece of cake!