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Thank you Dali for how much welcome you are and any given support. Yes, you even do not know how much I am excited about this travel. I was waiting too long to make this trip and I think that no matter how well I prepare I will probably do not fulfill all my goals within one trip. But I will try and with a little help of people like you I hope I will do something widely positive with my great passion about Georgia. But I am not sure what way because my creativity sometimes is what makes me sinking in endless inspirations and I finally even do not start to do something concrete with it. But I hope that when I found just best time for my new trips it is a good moment just to do it. And I even do not have idea what effects of it may be for me. There are only a few countries that inspire me so much and stimulate my imagination. Sometimes so small but consist of so many layers of history, architecture, cultural elements that overlap that I am sure this is a mixture that I know so well. And such countries are like magnets for me. But some places are too inspiring. To some of them I wanted to return many times and simply cannot. Change me so wholly that I fear to realize sometimes too much what could totally disorganize my life that isn’t stable anyway but I do not need it to make it much worse when I have planned yet so much for the point where I still am.