It is hard not to mention all those who often not being aware of it inspired me and motivated. And maybe sometimes if they really knew they probably would not inspire me and motivate so much and would never let me grow this much…

Sometimes good sense of humor may be also a good inspiration

And once again, I am endlessly grateful for all your depthless wisdom that is endlessly inspiring in how simply my thoughts are summarized

…but I am sorry, my girlfriend remains the same. I like the way she looked at me when we once met for real. I think all this is about who was first, who really care, who we had chance to meet and even if we do not remember much details, our body knows that this is that person, maybe someone can say this is the smell of someone, other will insist how she looks etc. I knew many theorists about what love and attractiveness is about. Most people who had a lot to talk eg. during psychological studies rarely looked to be happy same time so I am not finally convinced that we have really much to talk about in this case. Look at that miserable Ohme. She spies everyone who looks a bit happy. And what, does it make her courageous to change her life a bit? She’d sooner destroy someone else life. I remember her shock that I had a girlfriend. Yes, I had for 11 years what does not mean anything finally. I experienced so many types of connections in life that some may last really long but are not that we know are the best. Unfortunately all of you have so many insecurities and fear factors that can destroy as much as built up the world we live in that I will be simply watching you.

I am also much grateful to all those who have to offer good doze of humor all the time