Ikast, 10th of March 2019

This is the place I added to my map of memorial places. It will remind me now how I became the part of that community by fate. By their good wishes and dreams about better future without hate we shared that for the innocent girl from this city ended so tragically. I am not guilty of what happened of course. But I feel to be part of this history. And what the group of 15 Moroccans did, how much destroyed within one horrible night. So horrible that I could not sleep at night when it struck me what happened with images, with the  bare truth about cruelty and loss of the innocent young girl. I am sure, I hope and I promise that what those people whose culture, environment allowed to be so cruel to so innocent person NO DIPLOMACY WILL RESTORE BETWEEN OUR CULTURES FOR DECADES. I promise that I do all I can to bring to Morocco conflict and political instability that will result in poverty. That they will experience on their skin how cruelty of a few brought the real disaster for many. As much as we had to get over how horrible was what happened. To our sensitivity it was so serious experience that expect fighter jets above your heads instead of an opportunity to run more Kebab-houses or husets in Western Europe. Forget about it.