Brighton 03.09.2008

My first language school in Brighton from stay in 2003. Sprachcaffe.

My favorite Italian restaurant in Brighton. I recommend Mozarella in Carrozza that first encouraged me a friend from Brasil to try some dished in this restaurant and I realized that even it is worth to get back to this restaurant after years. I bought in Brighton my first ethnic sample E-MU Planet Earth to my studio. It was even in 2003 a vintage and a bit unique and this is simply amazing that in Brighton there are vintage shops with music „antiques”. 2003 was a year I hardly got back to Poland. I had to carry to the airport also a guitar Fender Stratocaster American Deluxe that I bought on a Denmark Street in London where I traveled from Brighton for one day. Good times and it was worth to get back in 2008. For my numerous visits to the UK throughout my life I once invited my mother to travel with me and we visited in 2008 a few museums in London, Kew Gardens and Brighton where could show her where I have learned English so well.


I wounder how it is on a skateboard. I did not have such an idea during my longer stays to Brighton. Maybe something to regret.

An old photo of West Pier. I had a view from my window on West Pier from my hotel in 2003.

It is unbelievable that such a great place just burnt once. I liked all the time that stony beach that I know well in a range of a few miles both directions. I discovered a stony beach of different kind with „singing stones” during a journey to Spain with Natalia in 2005.


I am now curious how this place looks like now after almost 10 years!