East Point Tbilisi


Tbilisi – in the city

Abanotubani tea house and winery

Tea with quince

From the shop in Old Town Tbilisi

Prince Gurieli is kind of tea, a brand, but apart from song by Alibabki you can encounter tea from Martvili and other regions. The host of my guesthouse in Martivili gifted me their local Martvili tea.

My evening meal in Old Town Tbilisi

My meal in Alani restaurant known for the dance show.

My meal near the Headquarters of the Bank of Georgia.

Me with the green shit disastrous to my stomach in my hotel room in the Jerusalem Hotel in Tbilisi. I was ill. My sinuses were completely destroyed. I used about 20 packages of tissues within 4 days and I am ill till today so 04.05.2019. It may have something in common with an allergy. But I realized it during my LOT flight but with cheap airlines operator from Romania. A very dirty aircraft that air condition, fatigue, whole day travel by train to Warsaw and late flight altogether started to cause something to my sinuses. A day after without sleep I traveled almost 400 km to Batumi what was also very challenging. I was extremely tired because did not sleep at night. So I had to have a nap twice during that journey. I regret I did not take as many photos of Khashuri as I wanted. But honestly whole Georgia is absolutely beautiful country.