Behaviour and cognition in symbolic environments

What Laboratory Research has Told Us about Dolphin Cognition

Is dolphin cognition special

Estimated communication range of social sounds used by bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

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Herman, Richards, Wolz (1984) Comprehension of sentences by bottlenosed dolphins (good to pay attention to articles that cover problems first – this is typical scientific mistake that people often discover what has been discovered and discuss what has been discussed earlier; but as I am a creative scientist with achievements I can add that sometimes we can discover that even at the very first considerations someone was wrong and sometimes like when I wrote about assumption of NPV method in economics – thousands of authors of most popular in the world method to value investments projects simply repeated that mistake – i discovered it and extended considerations to show what is the best light to see whole concept in order to defend it – if we do not want to totally reject as mistaken from wrong assumptions).

Herman, Uyeyama, Pack (2008) Bottlenose dolphins understand relationships between concepts



Literature review on effects of anthropogenic noise on animal communication 2010-2017

Auditory Masking in Marine Mammals

Auditory masking as a scientific topic (EN)

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Acoustic masking in marine ecosystems

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Mechanisms of noise robust representation of speech in primary auditory cortex

Cortical Interferences in Cocktail Party Problem