Other species and mental health

Why I cannot get on well with people from Poland /PL/?


Pojęcie charakteru narodowego i problem człowieczeństwa (w koncepcji Kazimierza Dąbrowskiego) [PL]


Problems – so far I was attempted to be neutralized, abused, said to be a criminalist, dog, spider, octopus, snake, lazy boom, , alcohol addict, drug addict, mom’s or dad’s son, a child, a Russian, a cosmonaut, an invader, a black person, a book worm, a „zajebiście kreatywny” (but told a bit to neutralize my self-confidence), on Facebook: Paranorman, Jason Becker (just automatic suggestions due to analysis of content of my private messages (some used to be of the size of a regular book – as my regular communication with some friends used to look like) – everything due to not being willing to disclose myself too much – and I simply do not respond too much to external judgments. Are in 99% too fast, stereotypical conclusions and summaries, ordinary judgments and in Poland typically accusations and insults with an emphasis even on my alleged relationship to my close relatives. Usually nature of such suggestions are of the projective kind. Just a reflection of someone else but thrown at me so simply as just without any conscious reflection. This is how I knew Polish people so well! Listening to what they accuse me of reveals their fears, shames and guilt and is extremely interesting for a representative of broader environments than just to say „Poland”.

Why when having double major I was not called – psychologist, economist, Michał, a musician, scuba diver or whatever what might be more adequate? Or when I was not recognized why to label at all? When I can surprise why some people wish themselves to be surprised or even threatened instead of simply withdraw or better to say „fuck off” what is simply healthy. Stalking my activity on mobile phone was simply the best so far.


What is the real problem?

People talk at my back since I remember and set up deals about me without my acceptance (not only due to paternalistic motives! just making use of the fact I am in fact under a constant abuse and used to be in an endless confusion is a good opportunity to a regular thieves, identity thieves etc.). Try to fuck me up every possible occasion – from school environment to academic environment as well. People are primitive social and group addict and have awful predictable sexual behavior often on a basis of sense of superiority and domination of other person. A few days ago I listened to a discussion in Rokytince in a small hospudka below Lysa Hora that 3 Polish man were talking that people in general tend to 3 things – wealth, power and a sexual advantage. That I met them accidentally after in another restaurant but in Jelenia Góra. Yes I see and hear everything. I will not better say how many meters I can be far from eg. mail box to see that there is a letter inside or how far I can sit that can still hear every detail of a talk without electronic devices.

I think that this is not so easy to have any kind of advantage. Clinical psychology has taught me the most about illusions that mentally ill people most often have or sometimes share with other a bit not healthy people. Sometimes it is about beliefs, but also attitudes, habits, the way a person reveal and vent own emotions. What they afford to other people – particular (victims) or people in general. Etc. Things like power etc. are illusions. And most often lead to abuses that can be investigated as regular crimes.

From psychological point of view there is a psychological problem of individual differences kind and sociocultural problem of different set of norms, values and habits in the existence that sometimes is regarded as derived from OBLIGATORY social life that overly interfere with a life of an individual.

The problem was due to how  my parents used to be perceived and same time people forgotten to learn that I am another individual to respect and accept to be different and not defined by them and maybe it is not them at all to define. It is not their business to define.

People with low intelligence develop so called schizophrenia under such conditions and this is a form of a psychosis proved to be a real psychosis and a psychotic state in all known forms of schizophrenia. Due to inadequate judgments, social labels and stimulation level. Not tolerable stimulation in general. And this is an environmental instant factor that leads to a psychosis and has nothing in common in organic and genetic propensity to schizophrenia. The fact is that about 1% of population suffer from schizophrenia but investigations are deceptive and misleading about the basic argument if this is a disease to be born with (a tendency to get ill) or that can develop under not comfortable social conditions, situations and circumstances. There are many evidences that social origin of schizophrenia is also possible that cannot be ignored. And during 3rd year of my psychology studies I developed my own theory of social origin of schizophrenia known so far only to a few academics who did not understand it enough even to discount my considerations 🙂

If someone who ignored my requests to fuck off is in danger?

Generally yes. I cannot explain it. But I am sure now there are people I can kill under specific circumstances and see this as completely normal. I even reported to the police once after an attempt of a wood theft that when I spot someone unwanted I can do a harm to that person and they (the police) should know about it what I am going to do in a such situation. A policeman answered that this is not USA and I cannot. But I replied that yes I can. I cannot predict how I feel when I spot someone not wanted and I am prepared for this occasion not to welcome such a person with a bucket of flowers. I prepared different entertainment.

What is healthy?

Not to fuck up or fuck in, not to interfere with thoughts of other people and not compete with them when someone else does not wish it, does not share a similar need for rivalry or proving whatever is just enough to be called a healthy person.