What topics to start from to concentrate on researches on dolphins and not to get lost immediately.

I prepared two pages to start from

One is about brief information, facts, figures, appetizers about what to notices, what to get curious about Researches on dolphins

And another to be more organized by my scientific mind (I am graduate of psychology and economics not saying about being a researcher, analyst, theoretician, scientific writer and a lecturer for some time). As I wrote a bit of essays, theses, empirical studies, articles, chapters, presentations etc. And of course had to develop skill to organize knowledge I try to apply such an approach also in investigations about problems I never studied during formal education however have read a bit, visited a few aquariums and was diving with sea creatures since being 15 so this makes me I needed another page for more organized investigations Scientific


And sometimes I add a new entry that could be developed or even serve itself as a scientific consideration, a scrap of it, a contribution or just a step into without any contribution Tajemství delfínů