Dry suit – preparation to the course (inspirational text)

11.09.2018 12:00

I slowly start my adventure with a dry suit. For the beginning of this adventure I invested in used Viking Dry Suit that was being used in Danish Army before. It was in relatively good condition. Goods that are sold after being used in military have some specific features. May differ in quality but there are some of them touched by signs of time only in terms of that it was produced rather many years ago but sometimes 75% or more of this time it has been kept only in storage spaces. Where the basic problem is not how it is used but simply basic parameters like what is important when you produce something in a factory like humidity and dust etc. This looks like used a bit. But to my mind something tried on 3 times and did not kept properly, dried properly etc. may look more or less this way. The good side of dry suits produced by Viking is definitely not a price. In Poland you need to make a special order and wait and pay extra money for the brand. Sales representative for Poland do not inform exactly even about the range of the prices. And typical goods similar to those of this kind, popular and promoted by sellers on Polish market start from something like 4 700 zł and reach even 8 000 zł and more. I have spent 780 zł with shipment costs so for the beginning it is a great combination. I start something new that I can destroy things I did not yet learn how to use at all so what to say use properly, carefully etc. and no matter it was new or old. For the old one I will be just less sorry for. In any cases of improper use. In Poland not reasoned inflation (I mean the money phenomenon not inflation of BCD)  is often seen in prices of top brand extreme sports products because are rare, are for specialists and mean only a little niche compared to tastes and needs of the majority of customers of the Polish market. For me Iceland was completely different. Maybe not extremely affordable. But I bought there a wind jacket I use and „show off” till today due to hard to compare quality. When you need to try something that will allow you to dive at night, in cold fresh water, in glacier area, in winter it is better to start from top shelf options anyway. No matter what arguments sellers will use. For example I chose OWD course in Northern Poland to learn scuba diving as an extreme sport with the total awareness of this side of this sport from the very beginning. To be prepared from the very beginning that this is not a play, just fun etc. That this is serious discipline that requires a lot of attention, memory, preparation, attitude and motivation so something really important for everyone who is missing some core in life. It requires you not to see multitasking as an option. Multitasking, being skillful in how many things you pay attention to one time, being skillful and efficient in how you use your hands is your obligation. Is something you need to learn. Other thing underwater you will learn all the time and every dive is not only opportunity to learn. It is actually learning itself. Conditions, buddies, our skills, preparation, attitude everything is non repeatable in life. And every time you may discover you feel differently. You see differently. Something in how you see things changed. And this is rather normal thing. Achievements of learning process are non linear and insights and emotional processes are not yet well discovered and known even to specialists no matter of diver’s medicine or psychology. Every human may experience thousands of moods, changes, slides and swings in them, perceptions, and sensations. And we have only one life, only one brain, one heart, so divers need to care about their mood, emotional experiences like sense of security (physical, emotional), living in harmony with own’s temper etc. Sometimes a little vertigo combined with newness and sensory deprivation may generate state of our mind that we never experienced before. What’s more that no one else that we have an opportunity to talk about with eg. just after dive has ever experienced so far. So not everything that you experience as a diver on your own gives you ability to share. Diving is not a marijuana. However I did not try it. But when people say that marijuana make them feeling closer to other people, limitless, devoid of boundaries. During diving it is completely different. Often you hardly see anything not saying your buddy, in complete darkness you need to get used to that there someone still is relatively close to you no matter that you often do not see them. Like a God but prayer is never good solution to contact them, you need to develop the best way to communicate underwater possible to streamline the whole process for your comfort and safety, learn to make sure of it the ways that you cannot compare it to ordinary life experiences. And many experiences of divers are impossible to share, to compare. We differ in terms of subjectivity, sensitivity, temper, broadness of the set of our concepts, notions, schemes and other cognitive categories. Some of us, those more emotional, sometimes also more insecure in general may refer thousands of subtle emotional perceptions, sensations, experiences and some of people of that kind are unfortunately not qualified to dive because the total experience significantly exceeds their ability to cope with this kind of incentives, sensory, intellectual and emotional stimulation itself. Other thing, many things happen only underwater and after diving we forget it. We experience it and are totally immersed in that experience underwater (like watching 3D movie in special glasses). But after that we ascent, go back to the surface and suddenly everything gets back to known place that our brain know the best because even diver by fate, due to physiology most of his or her life spends on the surface no matter likes it or not. But it lives in us as a part of what we have been through so far.

Like I had shivering after almost accidental wreck diving in 2009 and no one then understood what I am talking about on the boat after ascending. I had emotional experience not easy to share that made me feeling I returned to it sometimes, reanalyzed repeatedly as something bad. Like life threatening or like morally bad thing. Being irresponsible in such cases is not only life threatening. It is also immoral. My sense of responsibility exceeded abilities to understand of not qualified enough staff who treated what they do with too much of negligent distance.

And this is new emotional experience as well as new achievement, new skill, new peak when we just exceed our horizon of what we have ever tried before.

I was never forced to work in corporation world, or was never forced at home to be a politician. I had numerous choices only to make on my own. To have a passion like scuba diving is the way to bring back sense of importance to life. To pay attention to fundamentals of survival that we are often diluted in culture, among people of whom some of them will learn to see you this or that way, our opportunities varies, changes all the time. Due to many reasons. But survival is always the matter of similar fundamentals. Underwater for example it is obvious that first you need to breath. You learn to value every breath.

You learn that air is the most important thing in world no matter what politicians will tell you, religious organization if you are not mature enough to spend your life seeing yourself as the center of the responsibility for your own life. In many situations other than eg. scuba diving we are dispersed, it seems to be as if we were leashed to the treadmill all the time if we do not respect ourselves enough so listen to politicians etc. After just one good dive I am always ready to fuck up all Polish politicians 460 of present and thousands from the past. And every time I do something really serious I see that people who concentrate to talk, to show off with their ideas and never being too serious in limiting their own lives to really their own businesses seem crazy. I encourage everyone to try new scuba diving experiences to see how silly look people to us when we learn something really challenging. How monkey our specie is when we know how to distance to see it and distance is always right proportion to see importance. And people who just talk and seem to make choices instead of us seem to be the most stupid. As if they did not do in their lives yet something really serious. And maybe will never do. They probably will remain in politics forever. And ever.