Dry suit diver (the course on 25th of May 2019)

11.06.2019 (date of text)

Preparation (earlier text)

Before traveling to go through the full dry suit training program by PADI that organized for me after earlier arrangement by the exchange of a few emails with Remo Vontobel from Züri Sub in Switzerland Remo himself, I was preparing and repairing my dry suit for that course. It is not perfect Viking suit today as it probably used to be. This is why I purchased it for 10% of its manufacturer’s value, regular offer price almost everywhere it is available to buy like via e-shops etc.

First arrived the course book I read almost wholly during travel by train back home to Karkonosze from Warsaw on 18th of May 2019.

For tests I have my special place out of trail in Karkonosze mountains in stream near blue (sometimes called yellow) official tourist hiking trail. I go deep into the forrest along one stream to find the section of that stream where the depth is surprisingly excessive compared to average depth of that stream that isn’t too deep in most sections of it. It depends on rocks, natural dens and the overall shape of the bottom.

During my test submerge 23th of May 2019 I had almost deadly accident because standing dressed in a dry suit in different place than my proven best place as usual I grasped a big rock over me of weight maybe 500 kg and that rock moved really significantly. I saw death in my imagination in a millisecond and jumped off dressed realatively tight and feeling heave enough to feel more stressed about my limited reflex in such situation and the only luck I had was that rock did not fall down. But it was a moment I felt that this may be my end. Stupid death. If you had dangerous moments in your life with nature, electricity, speed or whatever. Something near serious accident or namely accident you maybe know that moment when you stop feeling any emotions. It is just experience of freezing. After my course on psychology of trauma I know that this is normal that sometimes regular emotional experiencing recovers after weeks since such incidents. I realized that fear, sense of threat last week when told about it to my mother. Then I realized OMG it was that. It was a threat. When you live completely solitary life like me and you do not have somebody even to report or tell something difficult you just move on, get over such things quicker. I realized that once something stressful happens it takes time till I sometimes open up by accident to somebody and then I realized I slightly rubbed near-death experience or a threat. This time it was my stupid lack of ability to predict simple chains cause and effect events because I concentrated fully on threats underwater and ignored the fact that everyday I can in fact die on the surface. And what’s more it is more likely for all of us that we die on the earth than underwater. This is just statistics and I undergone that law really normally but a bit surprisingly. But yes. It may happen to everyone and everywhere. Unfortunately that place is where people usualy do not go. So I am not sure when someone could realize that if I for example died so it is right place to find me. There is no such person who could know that I may be found right there. This is why I resigned from any other plans to go there with an intention to do things I used to do. Even when you lock the zipper on your own that is across your shoulders it is stressful to open it on your own again. I am used to do many things even to mount a weather-vane on my own. But this time I underestimated really stupid, easy to ignore risk of the 3rd kind to what I could perceive as regularly risky that time.


Travel to Switzerland (24.05.2019)

The eveining before the course

I was just politely reading the book.

The course (25.05.2019)

The course itself took place on 25th of May 2019. When I was was picked up by Remo Vontobel from Zürich Youth Hostel at 9 o’clock in the morning and we traveled to the office of Züri Sub diver’s club on site called Terlinden.

Before I selected all the equipment I could need that day. I take usually more with myself especially when traveling with my car.

Just as I arrived to the office of Züri Sub I had to signature many documents that could scare a person that see this for the first time. I admit some of them I signed for the first time.


After answering many questions testing how thoroughly I’ve read course book on dry suit diving. We started to prepare equipment necessary just for the first diving. On the photo below you can see the spacious back of Remo’s car that allowed us to move comfortably.

And we traveled to Wassersportzentrum Tiefenbrunnen (WZT).


The objective for the first dive was the proper weight check for dry suit, emergency technique to remove air from leg parts of dry suit that is kind of acrobatic trick and interesting ramble underwater with good control of buoyancy. But unfortunately after luckily 10 minutes of dry experience my suit started leaking. But this time it was just relatively OK. But it was 15 deg. C underwater and sometimes even 11 so I started to experience a little hypothermia but diving was exciting and I did not report any problem because did not want to shorted this dive. And I dived in really wet stuff again after break for sausage. Not to miss whole program that I traveled so far to take part in.



My wing-type BCD I use since 2004 ! With rubber vulcanized dry suit I call my stuff a double parachute !

Some photos from underwater from the first dive:

And that’s it of this.

And then we traveld back to the headquarters of Züri Sub (shipping container but surroundings are stunning)

The surroundings

And the barbecue along with an attempt to dry suits just a bit.

And the proof that the team is professional

And waters of another dive site

Another task was to disconnect inflator hose to dry suit underwater and to navigate a bit keeping buoyancy. Due to cold and this time excessive leak the dive was really short. But finally I did it. Photos from this dive. This time underwater settings was more nature compared to previous industrial themes.

And that’s it.


My final note to my log book about specialization from that day

And yesterday I got via post my plastic card from PADI

My skills for today – quite a lot like for the amateur.