Spring Hill, Florida, August 2010


The house of my aunt from my mother side. Last time I saw her was in September 2015 near Warsaw. She traveled with her grand daughter Keannen who now probably lives in Pennsylvania. Stephanie allegedly lives still in Florida. But I asked previous spring my cousin from NY but contacts are now rare. Since that Elisabeth the most direct relative to my mother died – this place was probably sold so no my cousin does not live in Spring Hill anymore I think. Stephanie was the winner of acrobatics contests throughout the USA. But after accident had to change her career. We did not see each other since 2010. So this is part of my family I suddenly discovered and short after disappeared in my life. I fly to Canada soon and will travel again up to 9 hours. But my best flight was 9 hours from Frankfurt to San Francisco this January. I will never forget that flight. Approx. 7 hours through the land where there is no airport able to host big transatlantic aircraft. I saw photos from evacuation of whole flight from Beijing to Los Angeles from Anadyr in Chukotka . You can find a short entry about this on my blog earlier. From spring.

The car from car rental in Orlando.

My cousin’s swimming pool in Florida in 2010.

My mother and her cousin. The daughter of her Godmother who exiled to the USA. Through Staten Island during communism. My mother never saw her Godmother after migration to the USA. And to meet her daughter in Florida was emotional as that part of family was divided through political divisions etc.

My father.