Travels to Prague 2015-

When being a careful observer we can discover a lot about how we can get unintentionally inspired and hard to say who inspired whom. There are some universal inspirations that involve so much detailed issues that we would never consciously agree that there are some universal habits, views, aesthetic premises that in fact come from some broader superconsciousness. I always paid attention to details. Argued with many people. Friends, girlfriends or teachers, parents. But only studies helped me to fine-tune my perceptions to see where is a manifestation of my knowledge and where we spot something by the accident. This is intuition that rarely comes from „sitting ex cathedra” even when „doing” empirical studies. To shape whatever we have to be careful, pay attention and not to be ignorant like many scientists, especially professors are.

A grave by the road in Prague I spotted on 17.02.2018

A grave of my cat on a photo from 31.10.2014. Yes, I have spent a Halloween with him!