Diving in Mallorca

Michał Polański

Date of text 01.09.2019

I traveled to Mallorca 3 times in my life. First time, by plane in 2001 (to Cala Major). During that stay I discovered many attractions like Cuevas del Drach, Valdemossa, Sa Calobra, Son Amar, Western Water Park Magaluf. But I insisted after trying scuba diving equipment in water sports park to experience Discover Scuba Diving Course in Big Blue Dive Center in Palmanova. Second time, by my car after long route through Germany  (Frankfurt am Main-Wetzlar, Koblenz), France – Metz, Paris (meanwhile I had to fly to Warsaw and back to Paris), through Clermont-Ferrand, Béziers, continental Spain – Girona, Barcelona, València, Alicante, Cartagena / Cabo de Palos (La Manga), Almería, Malaga, Gibraltar, Cádiz, Malaga, Grenada (the hottest city I’ve ever been to in summer by my car), València – ferry to Palma de Mallorca, Paguera. Then as the owner of OWD certificate for one year period I experienced two dives in Mallorca. In El Toro from Sta. Ponça side with ZOEA Dive Center and El Seh with Big Blue Dive Center. For the third time, I experienced 2 dives on 29th of August 2019 in El Toro. At buoy 3 and 1 from the side of Magaluf.

I mentioned El Toro a few times on this blog. And I mean Illa del Toro dive site and El Toro Natural Reserve. Especially underwater part of it. So please continue on separate page about Diving in Illa del Toro Natural Reserve.

When you want to go to Mallorca by car from Poland I want to warn you that from the south of Poland to French Riviera you need to drive ca. 2 days. But when you want to get to Mallorca, you need to add 2-3 days. When you do not want to get tired – you need 5 days. When you are more fit for long travels you can plan 2 days for travel to France anyway. No matter where, you need extra time for passing through mountain regions – regardless where – Austria, Switzerland – it takes time. Then long journey additionally through Italy or big part of France. And this is not the end. After that you need to continue through whole Mediterranean part of France and then to Spain. I agree that there is no long distance from French-Spanish border to Barcelona. You can embark on a ferry in Barcelona and travel to Baleares. But when you add extra kms – from València your journey by ferry will be shorter in terms of hours. It depends how much money you can spend on what and how much time you need to save. But even if we assume somehow you get to Barcelona within 48 hours. When changing drivers maybe it is possible. So you still need time for the ferry. No matter how you calculate. When you are a normal person – with eyes open to many things you may encounter en route – your journey may extend to 5 days and it will not be surprising at all. This is really an expedition.