In this section I am going to share selected experiences from learning several foreign languages. My native is Polish but I am not a Polish native. I do not have Polish mind. And this is a circumstance that created endless mess, misunderstandings, wrong assumptions about me, my mindset, numerous confusing situations, hopelessly and deeply shaming sometimes and not always giving me an opportunity to get out from confusion with satisfaction or to „win” a situation, to get rid of sense of undervalued position of shame I cannot reject and persuade effectively it is not my „shit” because I am not noticed to be different enough not to judge me like „theirs”. I am the metaphorical person always „in-between”. I understand deeply the sense of the song of Maryla Rodowicz „Łatwopalni”. She sings about that some of us are gone into space „in-between”. Many years ago from now I wrote the chapter to economics methodology book about metaphors. Overly metaphorical thinking is mode of ill people like those who ever suffered an episode of schizophrenia, is typical for highly sensitive people, overly empathic people, people who do not feel they belong or fit wherever they find themselves for some time. Even for some time in this life. Everyone today can see their lives as a journey but stereotypes to belong somewhere or to some people, in terms of a group and group thinking is highly determining perspective. And metaphorical people slip off that perspective easily but it does not mean that if they slip off so easily they find always best place, space, perspective to occupy for themselves for some times. In fact the existence of messed, mixed, multiperspective people is confusing and to overcome confusions metaphorical thinking just serves them to succeed in whatever they are challenged, no matter what problem they have to face. Also humor and other measures. This section is devoted to how I was acquiring foreign languages and was discovering in some of them that are in fact native to my own mind no matter that I was brought up among Polish notions, senses, terms, lexical constructions to build all the scaffolding of how to see the world, my mind intuitively was able always to slip off these walls to see deeper, far more beyond that close to the skin present existence of little town Polish who discovered the world as if when being typically Polish. I did not feel this way, being immersed every time in every cultured I was able to come across truly, when I was invited, welcomed I experienced that in so many places I can feel like home, many languages can tell me just a little about why so many differences I have to share in only one mind of mine.

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