Brighton, July 2003 & July 2004

Probably my best experience of this kind. I was on 5 different summer English camps. 3 of British and 2 of American English.

This experience of intensive intermediate course in summer 2003 (Sprachcaffe) and 2004 (Embassy CES) I evaluate so far as best invested money of especially my mother who believed that language may turn out to be my best investment in my life. Maybe because my mother if did not graduate from food processing technology master degree program she would study English language on university level but did not find time in her life till retirement to learn it surprisingly. This is why I took my mother to Brighton in 2008 to show her my language school etc. where her wishes have been the best invested so far.

2003. During afternoon classes with Jinz who was Indian young woman me, Fabrizio from Italy who stayed for good in Brighton Gertrudez from Dusseldorf, that friend from Brasil and his summer girlfriend from Sweden I wrote once about their love story, Wouter from the Netherlands and a few other people we had best English classes ever. About how to move to Brighton, how to accommodate, how to find a good job, maintain work-life balance in Brighton (quite easy), know new people, deal with sex, drugs and rock and roll, with gay people, drugs and harassment, how to solve problematic adult situations politely. It was extremely valuable and worthy to attend these afternoon classes. We integrated so deep, developed personal connections, exchanged not only mobile phones, emails but also souls, feelings we definitely attached to Brighton that time. For some of us it was just strong experience of that magical place. For some like from Fabrizio it was life-time change and mature decision to stay.