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Doctoral studies – essays, presentations

A lecture of scientific research methodology (I year of PhD studies)

MBN prof. Kuciński – skrypt

II semester, mini essays to methodology workshop

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I would like to show some example of brightness of proficiency mind of economist that is hard to compare to any representative of just empirical science like psychology  etc. Once I had an idea to create a method of portfolio optimizing using genetic algorithms. I compared Excel Solver with an algorithm that trains data set in order to seek for maximum or minimum through numerous „epochs”. When prof. Marczewski realized the method he admitted it is however clever but wrote on a piece of paper that maybe I may find among my thousands of other notes that there is a simple matrix calculus solution for every problem like this and that genetic algorithms are too complex and problem is too simple. However my success was to make professor more interested in methods of artificial intelligence but he impressed me that econometrics have found so many methods, tools, explainations to problems that can simply do without more natural or „empirical” methods. And this approach is well known to me from economic studies so considerations of psychologists about statistic look for me in some cases like from dinosaur era but sometimes interesting like psychometry. Claims of Trzebiński in a written review that I read in dean’s office after as if I was with statistics „na bakier” was a fabulous joyful creative meanness of simply „dziad” from private business SWPS.

Artykuł do SiP KZiF

So I did not published that solution to portfolio optimization however method is 100% working and has different logic than optimization methods using linear algebra methods. So this is worth to look into a bit but unfortunately not a scientific breakthrough. So I have so many articles that can do without one not creative enough to be published but however interesting.

2nd year, Management Theory with prof. M. Romanowska,Presentation of concept of bounded rationality by Herbert Simon:

Koncepcja ograniczonej racjonalności H. Simona

Presentation of my plan for a Doctoral Thesis listened to by many members of KZiF but only prof. Bartkowiak knew what I am talking about because he simply knew me before. Had a chance to listen to me a few times when probably realized how far I am in my economic and psychological knowledge. However doctoral studies expect to bring something new and here prof. Pacho started to argue with me a bit what I appreciated. He was one of rarest active listeners however probably represents completely different views and approaches:

10.12.2013 Koncepcja rozprawy doktorskiej M. Polański

Seminarium doktorskie z prof. Grądalskim

Koncepcja rozprawy doktorskiej – MP

Praca zaliczeniowa z przedmiotu pedagogika Praca nt. J. Deweya

Activity in Katedra Polityki Gospodarczej

19.12.2012 Presentation Rola intuicji w procesie poznawczym człowieka

18.12.2013 Presentation of a plan for doctoral thesis Michał Polański – konspekt na zebranie katedry

Protocol from discussion over my plan Protokół z zebrania KPG

Sprawozdanie doktoranta po I roku studiów doktoranckich Sprawozdanie doktoranta MP I rok

So as you can see from that report I can do in one year what normally people cannot do in 4 years or more.