Mr.’s Milano Antique Shop, Bartow, FL

This chest below, cabinet and two bookcases in this shop come from the yard sale of My Girl’s house in Bartow. And have been bought to this shop a few days before my visit. New owners of My Girl’s house who own this house for a short time still do some cleaning job, get rid of excess stuff that disturbs their refurbishment works. In 90s in this house was being run Bed and Breakfast. There is still a very big kitchen, many rooms to rent. Every in unique style from distant epoch. Very spacious and majestic house that sometimes requires not only to be painted somewhere but also to replace some whole long wooden boards of elevation, wooden ceilings, frames of windows etc. When walking down from Zamek Chojnik in October I met by accident a man who now is living in Cieplice near Jelenia Góra but was living a few years in Florida and had own construction/refurbishment company in the USA. Was hiring black workers, was co-working with Canadian as in Canada there isn’t too much job for many people through the whole year and they have to migrate to earn. This man is a collector of old books and was once even exchanging emails with mayor of one French city who wanted to buy from him for local institutions like libraries books being 300 years old. Interesting for me is that when I go an interesting path in my life i encounter people as if they grew on my way like mushroom to tell me something interesting that I have currently on my mind.