Probability calculus

I see probability calculus as a very multidisciplinary field with endless applications that it is arguable to call it simply maths. Too many authors from economics (like J. M. Keynes, L. von Mises), insurance field (Bernoulli, Cardano etc. etc.), social sciences in general – empirical studies in social sciences field contributed to foundations and applications of probability calculus to call this simply maths.

Feller – Przestrzeń próbek

Urn problems

F. Eggenberger, G. Pólya – Über die Statistik verketteter Vorgänge

Feller – Prawdopodobieństwo warunkowe i schematy urnowe

My notes and solutions to exercises from William Feller book on probability calculus

My own experiment with coin tossing and distribution of results with the analysis

Another scrap of not completed shit of some binomial issue, maths is full of shit. There are numerous books that contain blur hard to understand shit and it requires a lot of rewriting and putting into more comprehensive light to get what in fact that abstract particular scrap of shit is all about. And I always admired my „friends” like in secondary school how they can be so fast and understand everything. I could not understand for example a borderline teacher who I called Grzeszczykurwa. She interrupted my thinking processes all the time. As well as many others, class mates. After secondary school studies were much easier. People of completely different intellectual class. About the year 2009 or 2010 I was giving lessons from eg. linear algebra to a student of I year of architecture. And I felt lucky not to study with extremely simplistic polytechnic students who mostly originated from villages like many class mates from Puławy who had only psychotic, cold looks full of negativity like Agnieszka Turek for example that I do not know her completely in terms of intellectual abilities. She never interested me at all but the way she tried to fuck up my feelings is something that needs still to meet with an adequate revenge. With a baseball stick or something like that to be adequate to her face that looks more like ass than anything that could be more familiar, more visible and known. There are some people completely distant and unknown to me and I feel lucky to keep that distance all the time. I have also a copper thick pipe in my house that like to keep in my hands and imagine what I do when someone least wanted to see enters my house.