Siberia, 2006

Stranger in Moscow

Before 6-day long journey to Beijing

First photos from train Восток

Little shopping on stations but beware on Vladimir and Gorkij stations because are the most at risk of a robbery. Those pictures below a bit further in Russia where true East begins

I liked the way they were selling toys


Fist amenities discovered. Hot water boiler called samovar like a tea maker

First dogs

A corridor in our LUX carriage

Second amenity. A sink where you can mix cold and cold water. When you want to have warm water you need a bottle to do a little mix of water from „samovar” and from this tap and then you get warm water and it is good when you learn to use whole 1,5l bottle for whole shower of all parts of your body when bottle shrinks every time you fill in it with hot water from samovar so usually a plastic bottle was sufficient for maximum 3 showers.

Third amenity for whole 6-days journey and that’s it.

Further dogs, there were and for sure still are plenty of them that live on stations, are very curios and fed by locals, passengers etc. Just adaptation.

Our „pruvodnice” (she never wanted to show her face to the photo)

My sister and my ex girlfriend

My mother in Barabinsk

Further dogs

Any photos of Novosibirsk. Night, I got them by accident because was sleeping but train stopped for extraordinarily too long what raised my suspicions. I got up but train started to depart this station so I took seven photos but completely distorted because I could not even prepare my camera for good shoot.


I still have no idea where it is. After Novosibirsk but before Yenisei river.

Yenisei river


Popular trade on this station. Smoked fish selling.

Baikal lake

Typical Polish family. No I do not want to eat a smoked Baikal fish. Typical Polish „posiedzenie”

Restaurant couch. I grown mustache to experiment in China. Then I shaved it.

Kavarna tête-à-tête

Grasslands begin.

Nice. Almost Mongolia




Dogs of Zabaykalsk

Back from a break in Zabaykalsk. Train has an extremely long stop here.

And finally China.

The end of Syberiada.