Suunto Gekko comp interface [failed]

Diving computer is one of the most simple ideas to be with computers. Algorithms are not more complex than simple factor equations and linear algebraic functions. But Suunto created some obstacles to use the device fully on our own. Many blogs appeared and are no longer available. I created my own version of interface but had to check far more information about bit rate and FTDI controller settings. Mprog is one of tools needed but not only. But also interface itself under the link I shared yesterday wasn’t outlined correct. Now, after years of spending almost all my money on electronics parts I have all needed parts at home. I was feeling satisfied like that WHEN i was 13 years old last time. I started construction at 2 o’clock and finished it physically at 3 o’clock AM. This is why I did not sleep last night too. The further hours were for testing protocols, modes, programs.

Here very general remark. I did not analyze ideal schematics but I know FTDI 232R microcontroler and how to use it. It did not surprise me dividing voltage and one NPN transistor. But according to schematics I had to do the opposite what found on a photo in the Internet. It is not like that NPN are the logical or voltage opposite to PNP. These are two different ideas how n and p silicon layers can affect each other under different voltage moderating it. So to connect ground and I/O pins the opposite should make this circuit not workinf at all. Why it was observed negative voltage I have no idea. But one of reasons could be it was soldered the opposite to the schematu s in the way how ground and I/O connectors from Gekko should be connected with interface. But I know I assembled my circuit correct. But it still does not work. I know even what to do with PID id to make it recognized by DM5 program. But still I have no clue why no program recognizes this. I’ve read that Gekko and Vyper have same PCB and microcontroller and but in Gekko the transfer of data like importing dives is disabled and you should download program to unlock full transfer options for IO with PC.