Diving in Järnavik (Sweden), 17.01.2021

Today according to our plans from yesterday where talked in dive center in Karlskrona, we have met altogether in Järnavik with Ida, Emma and Hebbe to dive in a bit extreme conditions. Two days ago and yesterday was -7 and I almost thought that will have to get back Poland with no dive at all. But no! Today was -2. And I traveled to Jarnavik where in the past was the dock for Swedish submarines. This is a very little, awkward bay, almost purely nature spot. We decided to dive quite late. I was a couple of minutes before 1 PM. And completely accidentally met Krzysztof from Poland – the truck driver in Sweden whose hobby is to refurbish nice not much old boat that 7 times passed whole Atlantic Ocean. Krzysztof tries to collect equvalent of 1200 EUR to buy parts to the motor. Krzysztof was taking photos of me all the time and was very helpful when Ida and Emma were dressing up with whole dive gear. Dive gear is heavy and winter makes us less fit and hands become frosen so fast so any kind of help is very needed especially before dive. I had thick undergarment so needed someone to close the zip on my back. And good that also two men from dive center decided to come today. Hebbe helped me with what particularly with my suit may be heavy for many people. This is the same patent as for astronauts. Gas-proof but sometimes with too tight suit you need somoene who did it 100s of times. So this time I was lucky that enough people gathered in this relatively deserded place in winter. Place is beatufiul but looks raw, especially when night is about to come. What happens really fast.

I experienced Ida and Edda very nice girls. Even too nice. But good atmosphere to dive especially in winter.

And general photos from preparing…

Krzysztof from Poland met completely by accident

Photos sent by Krzysztof:


Sorry, something has gone wrong… 🙁

After diving:

Just being mobile.

A tiny compressor is waiting to support me in my darkest hour…