Way back home 20-21.08.2018, France, Switzerland


Preparation, visit to La Pointe de l’Aiguille where (max. 100 m from that point) my first scuba diving this summer at Côte d’Azur took place.


Start of my journey home via mountains in France. Route of 300 km through mountains (till Grenoble). Route Napoléon N85 (by accident this way back due to what happened in Italy. I expected problems with traffic on A10 in Italy).


Saint Vallier de Thiey

On the way


Traditional public toilet. I could not stop laughing when in the year 2005 during our journey with Natalia we decided to pass through the new opened route via the highest suspension bridge over the Tarn river when travelling from Paris to Côte d’Azur. And new opened public toilets were also like that. Because this is the way of thinking in this matter.

Local market with interesting ideas

On the way

On the way from Gap to Grenoble



On the way


After getting to the ground from car park

Skatepark in Genève

Evening in Genève

Best banknotes design


Zürich 💜


Back to Bregenz


Girl, in pink sneakers. You are beautiful. But it was just my second day of travel and I needed to sleep. I am sorry. For myself and for yourself.

These photos are for you.


And yesterday was one of the happiest day in my life. I got back to my new wonderful cat.

And today just I continue my happiness.

She grew up significantly. Her jaws have grip that I need to measure force of them with a pro physical instruments. Everyone would be surprised with her powers. I asked before my journey to France if I can keep her in my hotel. But I was rejected with that proposal and this holiday I was little bit sad.