Underwater photography

I bought my first professional underwater camera Sea Life DC2000 in spring 2018. I had to pay a big amount of customs. Unfortunately it came not working with pixels burnt in its matrix and the screen to look up photos shot was getting blind. So I had to send it to New Jersey to service and I got it repaired. After some time I decided to change my camera for Nikon W300 and it was best choice for me. Now my photos look really professional. According to this comparison Olympus is much better. What can I say? My first camera I got in my life was for my 18th birthday and it was Olympus. It is like Samsung was the brand of the first mp3 players. It is sometimes 2-3 years being at the game. Having competitive advantage. Probably the ISO parameter in Olympus outperforms what you can shoot underwater with Olympus compared to Nikon. Maybe. But there is always exchange between ISO and noise and other effects. Nikon has a bit too strong flash giving too cold light at some depth. Photos come unnatural after that. It is difficult to manage to get the right light, flash light for a dive. So many circumstances are involved. Cold light has advantages for some colors, details and during rescue, to give some room for safety. But warm light is more natural and I would tend to use it more often.


/In PL/ About ISO parameter. In the PADI book Adventures in Scuba Diving there is pretty long chapter about underwater photography and there is a sub-chapter about relationship between ISO parameter and taking photos underwater. It was written, it feels a bit, some time before digital domain dominated cameras for scuba diving market, so the knowledge there is presented a bit old-fashioned way but the theory did not much change. Light from physical point of view is still light and sensitivity to it something rather universal. There is a bit different meaning of it because one is film and another COMS matrix but anyway effects are almost the same in some resolution. The world itself through some lens to some degree is analogue and then in some scale it collapses. And presents itself like atoms, electrons what is closer to binary model of representing information. The fractal dimension of many things decide that patterns are mathematically entangled and endlessy related to formulas and relations recurrently. What is another aspect why some shapes, lights, contours, angles, seeds, granulations, resolutions means something different in different scale, different zoom. Optics itself is analogue in one scope and when we zoom in something too much we turn to see things more like digital like occurences of some single things or not. Like physical constansts. Finally these are only physical constants and colors and other phenomena occur in the scale of usually our normal scope of what we can see with „bare eyes”.

Jak efektywnie wykorzystać czułość ISO?