Visit in Prague and alchemy

I am a bit bored person about chemistry and pharmacy. Simply, my parents worked whole life in quasi-chemical industry because food industry is a combination of agriculture, processing, where many technologies are involved. This is a great managerial challenge as well quality control is one of the most important things. My mother established four quality control laboratories altogether. Run in 2 different location of historically and then 3 within the area of a new factory. I have seen from childhood how laboratory work looks like, what administrative tasks requires and documentation challenges poses. As well as safety procedures should take effect within whole working area. Along with that food industry my father decided to run own pharmaceutical business in 1992 where continued passion for a big scale production with interest in herbal medicine. But circumstances in all fields around such topics can be simply multiplied. As a child I had my own „laboratory” in the parlor of my parent’s house. However I moved from my parents house very early because in age of 16 I started to live lonely and individually. And my passion for chemistry as an active professional duty did not survive to the moment of choice of field of studies or some professional perspectives to continue some kind of passion in organized frames. But my passion for books, for knowledge, for organizing news about scientific problems never died. And there are moments that turn my attention towards laboratories even more. History is a natural field of interest for everyone who has some history I think. This is determined by passion after our ancestors, parents, other family relatives etc. But sometimes may be inspired individually. I recognize fast what is the proportion of tolerance to people who treat history as much seriously as they treat present. And I try to stay away from those who actively organize attention of other people to make them focus on selected issues that are called „present”. As I see the world in really broad categories I can just say that something like present does not exist in terms of past and present knowledge. For example. Many things have been discovered long time ago and only a few realize this now. Many things are „discovered” in present just the way to publicly persuade that this happened actually now. So now and then is in permanent conflict and so called life is a battle also in terms of who remembers what and what really happened and when. Also there is a problem of trends, popularity and methodology that continuously changes. And hard to call many phenomena as evolution. Many studies, lectures, articles, books are designed to organize our knowledge and perception to make us sure there is something like „progress”. Maybe in natural sciences this is more clear. But unfortunately in social sciences fields I studied two degrees there are many arguments for and against global processes, events to call them something more like from the future or from the past. The reason is simple. There are simply disorganizing trends that happen more often and with greater power than harmonizing and improving so called reality. And abstract thinking is always a challenge and always questionable thing compared to mass voice of those who just open mouth and talk. Global problems, individual depressions, credits, overly consumption, lack of goals, values and adequate sense making process for entities conditions whether we can see world organization as more or less harmonized than previously. And maybe this is why I discovered so early that I  may be really good observer of economic booms and busts. Rather I see many drawbacks of world we live in now and do not feel this experience just intuitively of future kind. That emotional mess, disorganized incentives that come from the world simply do not speak in favor of seeing a better shape of what we known before. Conversely, rather participation of almost everyone in mass small talks about everything. When celebrities begin to be experts in human psychology and psychology decreases own value by participation in global brainwashing, marketing campaigns. This is rather something to take as a serious flaw of times. Because we need to wait for a new perspective when so called psychology has been limited to be just a tool. And philosophy is a field that majority of people for a long time laughed so far. Why psychology – allegedly science – rooted in laboratory experiments, natural science, medicine and philosophy derived itself to the nonsense degree of blindness to own roots. Just emphasizing growing self-confidence of researchers and denying sense of self-criticism in terms of references to academic roots of the field in general. We can just see effects in celebrities – how the simply talk about themselves after a psychotherapy or advertising campaigns of brands being an effect of extending limits of applied social psychology practices that we can simple summarize that this is nothing more than manipulation, brainwashing, persuasion and espionage in a dose that an ordinary mind has no capacity to see the effect analytically and swallow even fat pieces as a perfect wholeness. Such a processes make me sinking into depressive thoughts that reasonably lead me to dark periods of history, of great massive movement of human masses, of paradoxical theories, inventions in every known fields and paradigm shifts that extended perception of every society to the degree that transformation to the back would be no longer possible. So at the cross of that shaded era easily risen fetishes of Medieval and early Modern era. To some of them we can attribute alchemy and its fixations, goals, and especially characters.

My last weekend journey to Prague has lead me to the center of past alchemy era of old Prague significant characters. Emperor Rudolf II or Jehuda Löw ben Becalel would be just some of them to mention.

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