Circus & acrobatics

Interview with circus artist Dries Essers

Movement Archery and Zen Acrobatics – workshop Ldn

Warm-ups, preparations to acrobatics takes hours and I have some notes from workshop that I can share via email

Useful resource: Shunryū Suzuki Zen Mind Beginner’s Mind

I highly recommend professional acrobatic theatre in Złotoryja. I watched full show in Blue City in 2015

Clowns – Beryl Hugill

My 7,5 hour interview with Janusz Sejbuk in two parts (I am going to shorten text soon and translate into English – my main interest was Czech thread in the history of circus in Poland, circuses with water arena, circus vs sports disciplines, exams for circus performers, subjects, disciplines etc. – in fact interview of this shape is extremely exhausting even when I read it now)

Wywiad z Januszem Sejbukiem

2cz wywiadu z JS – z kartek

My exercises


A night before previous night driving car too much to feel fit yesterday heavy gardening till 10 PM. Lack of balance, too much sleep and today kebab. So I look more fat on this video. But what I do for more than 3 years and what I intensify to my general fitness makes me I do not feel pain to my joints. No matter how much I weigh. I learned by myself about 100 circus tricks as a child and can repeat them today without a fear.