Cannes 2005, 2018






It does not impress me too much. I always surprised people from Poland abroad who got excited easily by expensive cars and I was passing by this indifferently. But I am interested in what is within my range and what I can attribute to my interests in general. What I can reach, achieve, what is simply mine. I am totally not interested in properties of other people. If some are exhausted from bitching in from of me like Cara Delevingne and that I still do not see that it makes sense this is probably my sense that I do not belong to it. That this is not mine, this is not me. I know what is mine and what is me. And I can assure everyone that there is nothing that belongs to someone else same time. People who have too much often undress too easily. But is this really my problem?

I am sorry. I do not know exactly why but I never like horses. Sorry if I hurt someone.

Cannes, generally – as more pleasant place for me looks like that:

In Poland we call this „faworki”.

Car parks are intelligently designed and affordable. I like them.

Fish market in Cannes

Beautiful antiques on a flea market