My cover of Joe Satriani song

Today, this means just after midnight I recorded about 30 versions of song Love Thing by Joe Satriani. And selected a few to present for comparisons. I realized that I start again to play like when I was 18 years old. The best guitar playing performances I had ca.between age of 16 and 22 years old. And I was depressed for so long that almost forgot how to play solo guitar. But hopefully I made up my mind and found a strength not to land on mental hospital ward and came up with shame of neglecting so many years spending that time on shit like science etc. Shame on me. I look old now and lost much of my hair. And guitar playing is just my passion.

Love Thing by Joe Satriani

This song was popular in Poland

This song was very good. But what happened inside the original band and what bands formed after is controversial. And reflect character of Polish people in some shade. That some people in Poland are pigs and you never finally know who. All of them are to some degree. But this song is good. Is not beautiful. But has a meaning. Maybe a bit tough. Typically Polish tough meaning of tough decisions of no return, no excuse, nothing to be sorry for even when you do a lot of shit.

I was a participant of Akademia Menedżerów Muzycznych. A bit controversial program to study. Due to characters I met there. I was never sure if for me personally, my personality and how I am it was good to be there. And I did not pass even final exam of this. But as someone curious of everything, of new insights, points of view it wasn’t time wasted for me. Sometimes most perverted people can show you points of view that otherwise you would never get it this way they see things. And this was enriching experience from the point of view of simply being in Poland, living there and finally whether it makes sense to be a musician. If really it makes sense there or not. I hope everyone can answer on their own. I do not know answers. Not all lecturers were easy to agree with. I remember one journalist from music industry who honestly told that song Nietykalni almost failed whole band a the very beginning because simply during communist times no one liked straight forward negative opinions about so called system, connections etc. When you simply do not indicate not only who you are thinking about, but also what does it mean system, what does it mean these hated connections and glass ceilings. Simply wtf who? Who has hurt you so bad that you could not ask, get through that illusion or maybe just bad impression. I agreed with this journalist because the truth is you can even today make friend even Kim Dzong Un if you want to. Gerard Depardieu is the best example that you can make friend even the worst characters in this world only if you want. Not because you are a Gerard Depardieu. But because you have no prejudices, no matter how controversial is what you are going to do or prove this way but it is simply possible as an act, as a symbolical act that I believe everyone of us can sometimes do. It may mean something or not. But things like so called system do not exist. Only fears of people and their illusions. And generations sometimes cultivate their own truths, illusions, fears etc. And this song is maybe more about it.