CIA reports about UFO

B&W photo bundle from CIA collection – releasued in one pdf document:

CIA insider’s hypothesizing about psychological consequences of witnessing UFO incidents, reporting it and sharing own impressions about it publicly – CIA regarded it as misinformation warfare (through the lens of this document):


On the ground of UFO investigations this document is just a decent example how burreaucratic (red-tape style) institution is CIA:

This document is just big WOW. In 1950s CIA investigated the possibility that flying saucers could be the effects of genuine German science that somehow was overtaken by Soviets and further developed to threaten people in the United States, they investigated this issue in details, searching through who could work on aerodynamics in Germany that time and at what stage could finish their studies (theoretical and practical) etc. A very interesting document!’

And this document – not easy to find – it is not at any of first pages of any catalogue. You need special keyword search patterns to find also such documents. I don’t know if there are many more of the same kind but today I found this and it turned out to be even more compelling as reveals different information, stories about how some technology development continued etc.

About flying saucers experiments

And here worth to be analyzed is that on Wikipedia there are many sources-based article supporting that this was conspiracy theory and NO CIA document mentioned… Also no name of Klein… So they probably did not realize that among official CIA documents there are such „revelations”

I think that particularly this book is worth reading to balance brief CIA reports – Hitler Flying Saucers by Henry Stevens

Another resource of „free” kind:

The little Danish argument that flying saucers had been observed for some time in 50s as being dispatched from Soviet base in Arctic.


Sweden, Danmark


UFO over Bregenz…

UFO incident in French Morocco!

And Morocco again!

A very brief report about Arnhen (NL) incident:

What a document…

Hide and seek with a missile

Telescopic observation

Sub-sonic, weird sound of tube or pipe, over Iran 1960


1977, concerning existing policy towards UFO phenomena


In 1990 USSR (Vladivostok) joined search for explanation of UFO

Russian scientists-investigators (official group) 1967-1968. And WOW True Tunguska files…

Object identified as plasma fireball in China in 88

Xplosion shock in little Russian town Sasovo… „Strange roar” precedes „mysterious blast”