Intentions in the universe – how to understand it from exterior to humane perspective



This text is about the very psychological side of investigations about alien forms of life in the universe. Distancing completely to the idea whether extraterrestrial beings can travel through universe, have something to do intelligently with spacetime or know more profound concepts, laws of universe we even did not touch yet, let’s focus on more human issue we could try to search for in them or unconsciusly at least attribute them. Intentions.

When trying to investigate Baltic Sea Anomaly I focused on „intelligent” or looking as if formed, intelligently planned form on the sea bottom. Here I want to refer to recent discovery of radio pulses or bursts that come from very distant galaxy more than 500 million lightyears away from us. Everything would be ok if scientists from Canada did not discover that there are very stressing regularities that make them more nervous about the nature of particularly this signal. Being used to perfectly random phenomena, discharges, chaos-driven winds of all known radiations, forces, particles, waves that go through spacetime according to own known but chaotic patterns due to overlaping of hard to scale and see in combination how many physics laws sometimes being involved and causing so many things to happen simultaneously. What a suriprise that scientists observe regularities as if quartz crystals resonators where involved or kinds of pendulums or whatever. But we need to mind still that things have masses, are orbital, move around some specified orbits so things in fact have some reasons to be regular. No matter how different types of them we can count. Some of them will probably behave as if planned or just better to say to be regular. Accurate. I do not want to be precise in astronomer’s terms for a reason. Because what has been compelling this time was regularity known to routine or habit based humans who work according to their internal clock that has origin in the fact we have days, nights, we experience seasons, can carry notion of years, this means regularity understood as time. Also as the second law of theormodynamics with its implications and effects on our experience of times and so called arrow of time as well.

Let’s discuss time issue. In terms of the aftermath of big bang and phenomena in the scale of macrocosmic scale this means universe – short and noticeable by us short signals, especially regular cause anxiety that we normally attribute to the unknown but anticipating that has some features like us. Like eg. intentions. Sometimes strange regularities, forms, patterns, habits reveal themselves to us in so strange things we can discover sometimes for the first time. When cosmic phenomena last for billions of years – what lasts short period of time, can be noticed, reoccur, and especially carry some regularity so we suspect that it breaks the chain of being just cosmic and stimulates our imagination that can have not just „physics” origin. Then thought about other „world” this means also extraterrestrial forms of lives, activity or even civilization of unknown starts to feels more adequate explanation or just association to us.

3 years ago another discovery of this kind:

This means something regular, measurable, with similar interval, short. This means it is something at least „strange”.

Let’s get back to reoccuring signals every 16 days. For 4 days the signal is observed and then get’s blank for another 12 days to reoccur again as new 16 days cycle starts.

What it is in psychological terms, mind terms? Is it enought to call it communication, intention? Rather no. If it is information? Signal is random when transmitted so probably no. If this is signal? Yes, it is. If this is regular, has some form pattern? Definitely. So look to some extent it seems to be clock-form. Is it enough to call it intelligent? Rather no. Are clocks intelligent? Do we call clocks – the intelligence? Rather it does not make sense to follow this way of thinking. But regular things are some patterns, forms. We notice it. It exists to us in terms that our minds can notice it and categorize it as a form, category, notion of regularity in the universe as the earth is no longer enough compared to what we know who we are and what our world – what means – earth is. We know too many regular things that do not seem to be intelligent in our terms at all. But gradation from chaotic to regular is observable. What’s more – our minds are on a basis of chaotic to some extent neural networks. What means that chaos is essential, is kind of power, must, it must be assumed. Chaos can be also regarded as a kind of energy. Can be missing in regularity. Can be needed if someting appears as dully regular. Where regularity should be broken – chaos is needed. It is a form of energy needed where regularity should be broken. And the opposite. Where there is need for order as things distance to each other and once milk has been spilled we cannot revert it we know how much effort may cost to reclaim the order, to reorder, to bring back order to stop entropy to act. So then we need energy of order or order to regard if spontaneous as something that spontaneously will order what was aimed to be chaotic without that activity, energy, „intention”. This way us. Product of evolution can be regarded as created to introduce order where pure laws of physics cause endless divergence, movement from high energy states to low energy states. Our reproduction, reoccurence of instances of us somehow resist it. And the use of nuclear or lately fusion energy by humans means that we reached the power to simply resist. Maybe other civilizations if exist, they obiously know how to resist chaos in the universe and their activity entail regularity we can observe. We can assume that I think.